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Project Management from JDI Contracts Ltd.


By using a proven common sense approach to project management and focusing on getting the best out of a team environment we are able to provide clients from all corners of industry with an individually moulded solution to their project needs.

In The Beginning


Help is at hand at all stages of the project, even if you are not sure if your 'idea' or 'customer request' will make a deliverable project, we can guide you through a feasibility process.


Launch The Project


Once the decision to launch a project is made then we really get busy.


Getting Started


This is an area where JDI contracts have excelled and we feel that the attention we give to the beginning of the process is the key to eventual success.

Agree And Publish Objectives

Form The Right Team

Not just managers, end users/operators should be in it from the start.

Establish Team Communication Vehicles

Ensuring that all progress updates and plan changes will be known to all... 'no surprises' Well informed people make better decisions.

Remember People Are Important!


Formulating The Project Plan


Using information from team brainstorming sessions and other techniques the major project milestones are revealed. The JDI Contracts project manager with help from the team will then develop the project plan.




The project is guided to delivery via task setting, monitoring, reviewing and updating whilst making sure never to lose sight of the original objectives. JDI Contracts managers are very hands on and more than qualified to get involved 'at the coal face' where protocol allows.


Post Delivery De-Brief


At the end of the project cycle it is our normal practice to host a de-briefing session, where the highs and lows of the project are discussed and used as learning points for continuous improvement.

JDI Typical Team Schematic


The Project Manager should be at the centre of all project activities and always in the feedback links from activities and tasks performed by others in the team.

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Project Planning

Microsoft Project is our preferred planning tool


Typical JDI Contracts Experiences

Project Manager

New Fruit Juice Filling Line, Pouches


Project Manager

New Fruit Juice Filling Line, Cartons


Project Manager
Bottling Line Upgrade, Hot Fill


Project Manager
New Plastic Packaging Film Production Line


Project Manager
Robot Palletising Validation


Project Manager
PVC Film Line Trouble Shooting


Project Manager
New Co-Extrusion & Thermoforming Butter Tub Line



As an alternative to contracting a project manager to be in sole control of the project, if you have someone you wish to develop as a project manager, you could appoint JDI Contracts in a mentoring role to one of your own personnel throughout the project, Contact us for more information.


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